Standards customized of Finger Joint Board to come Korea


We are offering a wide range of Finger Joint Board Rubber Wood  has enabled us to serve customers in a best way.

Some parameters are standard customized following a Korean customer

Finger joint board pick up the main raw material from small natural wooden bars, which are match together in different types to make up the final product.

Some parameters are Korean standard:   



  • Glue: E0 casoca Japan, have a certificate.
  • Sanding: 4 times:


  • 1st time: 80 grit
  • 2nd time: 120 grit
  • 3rd time: 180 grit
  • 4th time: 240 grit


  • Color:  light and beautiful
  • Thickness: be completely uniform, and evenly all the same thickness on every plank


  • Tolerance for > 18 mm: 0.3 - 0.5 (ex: 18.3 - 18.5)
  • Tolerance for <18 mm: 0.1 - 0.2 (ex: 17.8 - 17.9)


  • Width of small bar: 45 - 65
  • The length of each small bar: be as long as possible customized, or as standard as the factory's available.




Originated from natural wood, stick wood has the following advantages:

  • No termite, warping
  • Variety of models, surface is processed well so high color fastness, scratch resistance and good impact.
  • The material is mainly derived from plantation so it can solve the problem of scarcity of natural wood
  • The strength is not inferior to solid wood if the level of processing is good
  • Price is 20-30% cheaper than solid wood
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